Head butted by a cow.

Yep! That’s what happened while walking through a small street with Pierre, a pro display footballer, one of them guys who can bounce, kick, balance a ball with extreme precision — something I’m terrible at with both my left feet! I’m still getting used to these beasts wandering aimlessly anywhere, everywhere … through major traffic!

I’m in Jaipur and as we’re both in the same hostel in the same town seeking the same tourist spots we headed out to see what it had on offer. Although I did see the enormous milk carton carton on legs moving toward me, I completely forgot the warnings I’d read about staying well away and THUMP! Luckily I saw it in the last second and shifted myself away enough to not be knocked over, although I do have a bruised hip.

The city is awesome, with a more ‘Indian feel’ if I’m allowed to say such — it’s not hideously busy and there’s a severe lack of scammers compared to Delhi. I love the place because it has many beautiful historical sites and also a wonderful hustle n bustle market area called the Pink City where there’s a plethora of items and trinkets available for purchase.

Places visited:

1.Hawa Mahal (The Palace of Winds): is next to the City Palace and is made from pink sandstone.

2.City Palace: built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and a wonder to the eye.

3.Jantar Matar: a collection of beautiful (and enormous) astronomical buildings that I soon realised were instruments for seeing astronomical objects with only the human eye. The accuracy of the stonework is astounding!

4. The Albert Hall Museum: must be seen at night due to it’s amazing colourful lights.

5. The Amer (Amber) Fort: huge, beautiful and awe inspiring, surrounded by rolling hills and a wall not far off the Great Wall of China. It was here I met an entire school class and nearly every kid wanted to meet me — brilliant! 😃

6. The Floating Temple: a serene view of a lake that took my breathe away.

I must mention the sharpest Tuk-Tuk driver in Jaipur — unfortunately I’ve since forgotten his name, Oops! Anyway, Pierre and I are waiting for an Uber but as sometimes they just don’t arrive, we’re both discussing options and as I say to Pierre, ‘…cancel the car and…’ a voice comes from our right that says ‘…that’s why I’m here!’, finishing my sentence. Among the noise of all the passing traffic, we didn’t hear the tuk stop and I burst out laughing with the sharpness and perfect timing! Superb stuff that made my day — I’m just sorry I forgot his name. 😃

Unfortunately Pierre had to head off but as always, it was a great two days spent with a good guy and a good laugh. Good luck fella…


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