This be the life…

I thought I’d share a really cool moment!

The sun is starting to set above Jaipur and I’m sat on the rooftop of the hostel watching the city from the third floor. Kids are playing in the street and families are preparing for dinner.

The sky above is slowly filling with homemade kites made and flew by children all over the rooftops, some as you’ll see are up to five stories high, atop the roof of their homes.

Above: There are three groups on the rooftops, one precariously on a tin roof placing them four floors up!

Above: The boys heading out ready for flight.

Back home this would be dangerous and calm, there’s a breeze and I’m watching all this listening to some great music. Two notable tracks:

Family & Loyalty (feat. J Cole) by Gang Starr

Midnight by Coldplay*

*not the usual by this group but an astoundingly beautiful piece.

When I’m not listening to music, I can hear the flap and swish of the paper creations, each with their individual colour and design.

Awesome! 😃


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