Odds and funnies

Along the way I spotted some strange things. There were a lot of unusual shop window displays—unfortunately one with all the dummies doing gymnastics in a fashion store, I couldn't get a decent shot—and other oddities. Here are some: Above: 1. Eerie window dolls. 2. The hottest bus stop on earth! 3. An odd choice … Continue reading Odds and funnies

I did it! I pedalled/pushed 1343Km / 834 miles.

Yesterday I finally arrived at Bilbao. Even as I wrote this I'm still letting it all sink in—I did it! From Reinosa I had 82 miles to go and after one night spent under the stars (no tent) I reached the end of my route. Above: The view when I woke first thing. A lovely … Continue reading I did it! I pedalled/pushed 1343Km / 834 miles.