You filthy stink!

Smartphones and my own iphone have become the norm for travellers, saving much time and great hassle from trying to find a place to stay to using Tuk-tuks at the real price instead of a disgustingly overinflated one. The app has been a lifesaver for me on both of my trips, not only enabling … Continue reading You filthy stink!

Lovely moments! 😃

There have been many moments throughout my trip where a smile or a laugh has been smacked on my face out of the blue! This particular moment I found endearing because the lady was so lovely! I was wondering around looking upward in search of historical buildings, in this case the rooftop of my previous … Continue reading Lovely moments! 😃

Scooter swarms and road crossing in S–S–S–S Saigon.

Hello from Vietnam, or as Robin Williams so famously put it in his role as war radio DJ: Gooooooooooooooood Morniiiiiiiiiiiing Viet naaaaaaaaaaam! Although any pedant would pick out my error in my comparison, I think you get my point! I write this from Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon, as the locals still call it. … Continue reading Scooter swarms and road crossing in S–S–S–S Saigon.