The road to Coventry.

So I finally managed to escape Delhi! It was also a relief to be en route away from the extreme hustle and bustle but more so to remove myself from the fear of being scammed.

Travel in a India isn’t easy if you try to book trains because of the weird system that allows travel vendors to prebook and hold onto tickets. Luckily I found an online website which allowed me to book an AC sleeper bus instead to Jaipur. I will always take this option from now on, as they are a superb way to travel, allowing me to relax fully and absorb my surroundings at a sedate pace (ish). As much as the trip was relaxing, it’s worth mentioning the state of Indian highways which on two occasions had me get air for a second or two — I now know what space flight feels like!

1. Family out on the bike, (I actually did see four people on one!). 2. Even the older trucks have decent artwork. 3. The view done the coach with all the sleeper cabins. 4. Happy as pants and comfortable in my little bed space. 5. Get groomed then buy some tyres maybe?

Along the way I saw many things, ranging from hundreds if not thousands of road side stores, fields with colourful sari’s working away, beautifully decorated trucks to even a small pink Hindu temple in the reservation between the two paths of a busy highway! The best part was when I looked out the window to see … Coventry … and just as I questioned my sanity, another appeared! For those of you who don’t know, that’s unfortunately my birth place and home town of old.

Unfortunately a lot of what I saw whizzed past too fast for me to capture but with regards to Cov, Google maps confirmed I wasn’t going nuts!

I wasn’t going mad.

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