Koh Phi Phi (but drop the H).

I love ferries! In fact I love anything boat or water and the 2 hour ferry ride to the Koh Phi Phi islands would be a treat. Using the Maps.Me app I kept an eye on where we were so I didn’t miss any of the islands we were to pass en route. Thankfully I’d also dragged myself into the ferry early which gave me a decent seat with a view, and ohhh boy did I have the most amazing views!

The boat I was on was used simultaneously for island and snorkelling tours. This worked out great for me as I got to have a free short tour of the parts of Phi Phi that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen!

Remember that movie The Beach?…

I got to see all round that island shoreline and was also able to see Maya beach from slightly afar as it’s currently closed. Due to the enormous popularity of the movie, the whole world wanted to see the place and unfortunately the coral and area suffered. The Thai government were forced to close the area to allow for recovery so as much as we could enter the bay, the area was clearly cordoned off.

After we left the area, the ferry took us round the longest route to the port to ensure that the full-price ticket holders got their money’s worth, more importantly me, gratis!

So what’s it like?

Koh Phi Phi is a small place obviously, with the main area being a joint flat between two steep peaks of jungle covered hills. This allows for two beaches either side, one almost enclosed by its surrounding hillsides providing a glorious feel and beauty.

My stay was with a lovely Thai lady who ran two properties on the island. She was a single woman who you could tell was yearning for love but had no time due to her business concerns; how could I tell? The way she jumped at the chance to chat but more importantly the continuous love songs played on her Bluetooth speaker, Adele’s royalty payments definitely benefiting for sure.

I enjoyed the place and I cannot knock anything with the place! If you’re out that way and want a cheap hostel that doesn’t put your life or belongings at risk, I cannot recommend Safe House Phi Phi Island more!

I much preferred this to Phuket as the scenery was just amazing. There was of course the late night parties but they could be evaded, with a little effort. A couple of nights I spent at the beach parties just so I wasn’t such a boring nob really, but I must say, the music was ummmm ok for what it is! I could easily play a better set but fitting a controller and a laptop in my backpack was not an option! 😄

As always I won’t bore you to death, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

He’s got a bike! But it’s got a motor…

As luck would have it, I had the pleasure to meet a decent French fellow by the name of Joe. He was stopping over en route to Australia, 6 months in to his motorbike tour from France, through Russia then the world. (Sorry Martin, it had a motor!). So as he had time to burn while he waited for his bike to arrive by ship he was dropping into places along the way.

Joe was an interesting guy! He’d ditched his job then spent a year training to be a mechanic as he owned and loved Harley’s. All of this was to start his journey around the world so his mechanic training also included him modifying his Harley Davidson Sportster to handle off-road conditions, which I thought was superb — being the technical geek that I am.

Here’s Joe and his two friends who’d planned their trip to meet him:

1. The gorgeous me. 2. That’s Joe! 3/4. Lilly and John, both Harley riders too and sssssoooo much fun!

I’m so glad I met Joe firstly then Lilly and John! We had such a good laugh and it helped break the loneliness that can come with travelling. In fact, I raised the subject with Joe and he agreed that it is and can be a problem but I also learnt from his wise words: ‘Look beyond the lows because travelling is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs — beyond the downs are the exciting highs!’ (Or something like that anyway!).


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