The dark side to beauty.

This is a point I’ve made previously with tourism and it’s (our) impact on the surroundings, especially in Nepal. While walking to Long Beach on Koh Phi Phi Don island it was soon obvious that the lack of disposal facilities in such remote areas was causing great strain on the local resources. The output of so many thousands of visitors in terms of plastic, general waste and also the mining of the local land space by concrete structures to fulfil the growth in demand — and accompanying greed — is quickly becoming hard to conceal.

Along my walk I saw how the locals had to bear the off shoots of hotel life such as furniture stored in need to repair, building materials and discarded advertising panels. I was also quite put off by the addition of High Street food giants making their disrespectful mark in a place of natural wonder as soon as you land from the ferry! Welcome. 😐

Most shocking was the main viewpoint of the island where the building of a ‘mountain resort’ resulted in the actual viewpoint being near devoid of natural beauty and instead filled with piles of building detritus. It’s all clearly visible in the image above.

But at what point do we stop?


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