Pokhara: Part 3 — Things and stuff

This entry is just a a collection of observations, laughs and little tidbits of unusualness. Some are entertaining but some quite serious, read on if you’re bored and need to kill some minutes…

ABOVE: Kids actually playing using their imaginations without phones/tablets/consoles/Facebook/And other rubbish!

ABOVE: 1. Unusual traffic along Main Street. 2. Swifts roosting in the local shop — amazing! 3. For once I captured one of the many personalised trucks — odd messages!

ABOVE: 1. NO MORE WORRY! Instantly remove those bad texts you sent your ex while drunk. 2. A new meaning for recycling. 3. I watched this guy get in his dads moped, pretend to start it and brrrrrmmm his way into his imaginary world — daydream brilliance!

Now I know most of you have had a good coffee in a reknowned establishment but how about a coffee where they train future barista’s … who may need to curb their art?

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, my first cockfee…

Anyone for co(ck)fee? I would say that you just just can’t buy this but I did, so I sat down to plan my trek with a penis cappuccino froth…

…or is it just my filthy cranium to blame?

Knives to keep the peace.

Morning breakfast before paragliding I saw a security guard walk by, nothing unusual as there are a few employed for some of the ATM’s or the more expensive shops and hotels. The only exception is that as he passes, something catches my eye. In the rear of his belt he has a 10in Gurkha knife! I don’t want to even consider if these are for show or are actually used…

Live inflation.

I’m quite an observant person and I would say that I don’t miss much — apart from the odd misplaced trust and a cunning scammer! But anyway, this is something I find quite entertaining: I enter a shop, I ask the price of say, a Dal Bhat dish and it goes like this:

“…1 hund… (person stops, realises I’m a tourist and I can almost see the till wheel spinning)… 2 hundred and fifty rupees…”

No joke! That actually happened in a side street restaurant. It’s good thing to see for a laugh but after a while it becomes grating.

Penne & Tell her — pasta magic.

I met an awesome couple from back home. Markus and Nat (specifically NOT Natalie I was informed!) are from the Channel Islands and are the first I’ve met from that part of my home country! Anyway, how we met; I was walking past a restaurant in search of the coveted Dal Bhat and I was heckled with ‘come in! The foods good and the Bhat is great!’, of which I promptly entered and joined the hecklers.

We had a great laugh and we got on very well, sharing similar humour and a beer. All was going well and while Nat was away from the table Markus told me the tale of Nat’s importing of — get this — 2Kg of pasta in their luggage! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing with much laughter between Markus and me. On her return, and after berating Markus for letting slip, Nat admitted that she thought that there wouldn’t be any pasta in Nepal(?) and that her cunning move would save them a fortune making their own meals. Unfortunately for her, pasta was everywhere, even in the mountains and Markus took great delight in pointing it out at every opportunity. Fair play to Nat, she laughed at herself too but more for me I had tears rolling down my face at the jokes and jibes connected to the subject during the time we shared! Cheers guys for a great time and I hope your trip brings more laughs your way — although hopefully not in Nats direction!


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