Speaky Squeaky PANIC! šŸ˜³

Legal disclaimer: In this blog post I refer to the famous actor Hugh Grant. I by no means think I look like Mr Grant, I only refer to the stereotypical Englishman he is. The spelling of any foreign language within this article are for reference only and in no way will cause diabetes. For a … Continue reading Speaky Squeaky PANIC! šŸ˜³

Pokhara: Part 3 ā€” Things and stuff

This entry is just a a collection of observations, laughs and little tidbits of unusualness. Some are entertaining but some quite serious, read on if you're bored and need to kill some minutes... ABOVE: Kids actually playing using their imaginations without phones/tablets/consoles/Facebook/And other rubbish! ABOVE: 1. Unusual traffic along Main Street. 2. Swifts roosting in … Continue reading Pokhara: Part 3 ā€” Things and stuff