You filthy stink!

Smartphones and my own iphone have become the norm for travellers, saving much time and great hassle from trying to find a place to stay to using Tuk-tuks at the real price instead of a disgustingly overinflated one.

The app has been a lifesaver for me on both of my trips, not only enabling me to find a decent place to stay in my preferred area but also easing my mind with user reviews. The latter allows me to get a real feel for the place instead of being blagged by potential dishonest proprietors.

Using the app has also enabled me to dodge party hostels where crap music will be banging on until the early hours, usually entailing tw*ts who have no regard for people in their dorm other than their themselves.

So the app has become my foundation for my next move every time. Using it has also left me wondering just how much hassle travel used to be without such luxury! Just being able to find my bookings in places I have no clue about using links to Google Map addresses is priceless! It’s even had me divert a Tukwit when they’ve tried to take a longer route!

So thank god for smartphones and apps for making world travel a much easier and comfortable experience! And thank god for the ability to review hostels and homestay aswell as restaurants and even tuk drivers etc. All of this making dishonesty really difficult!

There was one driver review that made me laugh — I think — back in India. It was an Uber taxi driver and the previous reviews said how wonderfully talkative and entertaining he was! Unfortunately due to the language barrier he was the most silent driver I’d ever met, which had me laughing afterward!

The reason for writing this article was triggered by a review of a place I was looking at for my next move. I always read the reviews and dig deep to sift through the potentially fake local ‘guests’ who strangely always leave shining reviews of bad places, or learn about problems with bed bugs that haven’t been addressed. So anyway, I’m reading through the reviews of the hostel and I come across a local review but this time it’s negative which surprised me! It also made me laugh:

Obviously Sean and the staff didn’t get on! The fact that he was cooking in the dorm is beyond words! And anyway, the idea that anyone can be upset by the smell of someone else’s coriander is simply preposterous! 😂


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