Lovely moments! 😃

There have been many moments throughout my trip where a smile or a laugh has been smacked on my face out of the blue! This particular moment I found endearing because the lady was so lovely! I was wondering around looking upward in search of historical buildings, in this case the rooftop of my previous … Continue reading Lovely moments! 😃

Seeking through Saigon.

I remember the only thing in history class that held my attention was the Vietnam war. Unfortunately I only knew of an extremely filtered and skewed view. Doesn’t look much does it? So many walk by without a clue as to what this is! As I’m in the country I’ve been doing quite a bit … Continue reading Seeking through Saigon.

Scooter swarms and road crossing in S–S–S–S Saigon.

Hello from Vietnam, or as Robin Williams so famously put it in his role as war radio DJ: Gooooooooooooooood Morniiiiiiiiiiiing Viet naaaaaaaaaaam! Although any pedant would pick out my error in my comparison, I think you get my point! I write this from Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon, as the locals still call it. … Continue reading Scooter swarms and road crossing in S–S–S–S Saigon.