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I love animals, and on my journey I’ve seen both good and sadly bad. Today I’m writing about the good, especially with regard to when I become a friend and not by my choice but being chosen!

This little fella decided to join us at the hostel yesterday evening. As usual I showed the guy he was welcome and he wouldn’t leave my side, leaning on me at every opportunity, even becoming agitated when I left for the toilet and excited upon my return!

This guy walked with Elena and I for about a mile at the end of our trek in Nepal, stopping and moving when we did. Unfortunately we lost him when a local threw a rather large rock — sickening to see but thankfully it missed!

I’ve seen this with a lot of strays! I can only assume it’s being alone and away from the natural world of being part of a pack. It’s a wonderful thing when it happens — it’s just a pity I can’t take them with me…


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