Jedi Thumbs.

While I travel I try to review as much as possible. It’s not an ego thing or that I’m trying to become some travel guru — although that would be fabulous — it’s because I like to help the folk doing a great job and put them together with the newbies to the area, alleviating their stress upon arrival. I’ve written quite a few and received some great feedback on my actions, which I do enjoy — Ohhhh the power I wield with these thumbs!

One thing I try not to do is not review if the place is bad, be it a hostel, food or drink or whatever I choose to visit as this simply allows the badness to continue and not be addressed, allowing the proprietor to fix their ways — making the world a better place for all.

You’re probably wondering why I’m babbling on about all of this so I’ll tell you why. I recently moved hostel because of the room I was moved to. It was about 12 x 8 feet and home to 6 bunks crammed into a U shape, complete with storage cupboards! For those of unaccustomed to such rooms, that leaves not much room to move, AND it was windowless. Now I consider myself a fair person and I accept that the rate I’d paid was cheap but there were alternatives of a similar price but better — unfortunately they were full.

What happened: the A/C unit in the room was superb and did a great job at keeping this small room cool (sometimes cold which I’ll get to), and appropriately it was at the ceiling level, cooling the rising hot air to drop and cool the room. The problem was that I was given the top bunk which was in the flow of the A/C unit — not a problem if the unit isn’t turned up high. And this is where the problem lies, the unit is free to be controlled by whoever is in the room and Asians love there icey A/C!

So I’m in bed and a new arrival makes his appearance, with blatant disregard for anyone else in the room, drinking from metal cups, switching his rather bright bed light on/off, sounding like he was testing his ringtones and coughing out loud repeatedly for about 30 minutes. Then once I’m finally drifting off he leaves his top bunk which is head–to–head with mine by the way, I hear the beep of the A/C remote… Remember it’s not just him or me in there, there is one very quiet Chinese and an extremely over-polite Japanese lady. So I try to think positive after his grating performances and drift off thinking of flowers and skipping teddy bears… Then it starts to get chilly because I’m right in the jet stream!

I did change the setting but at 2:30 in the morning, when he wake me watching a movie on his phone or whatever I heard that lovely beep once again just before I drifted off…

Rich, will you stop moaning and make your statement pleeeeease!’

OK, my point is this: the hostel wasn’t a bad place really, bar that room. The guy who tried to make me murder him was an old — I think — Thai gentleman who was blatantly unaware of his naive actions and there were cultural differences to blame. The room therefore has a potential issue with the A/C unit only if one of the residents is inconsiderate, knowingly or unknowingly. The owners don’t make a huge amount of money compared to how I would judge such an establishment so I can understand adding two more bunks to a room he is tied to architecturally.

So what do I do here? Do I leave a review and mention to avoid then Polar Bunk — saving any future person from marring their travels?The owner was unavailable and his counterparts English wasn’t the best so I couldn’t explain it directly — which would have been ideal! Or does the blame actually lie with the owner for cramming in them two more people to make ends meet and making the business open to potential conflict between future customers?

If I was to leave a slightly negative review, I could potentially lose the business quite a sum for something that’s not certain to happen!

ABOVE: How hostel long can be done for the same price in the same city. This is the hostel I moved to.

I decided not to leave a review… I think I’ll try to contact the owner direct and advise to have the controls set permanently like other hostels … There you go! Job done.


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