Better in Bangkok

Once I’d got myself pretty much back on track it was time to cram in some of the sites this city had to offer. With 30 days to see Thailand, I’d lost just over a week to being ill and it was time to get moving.

ABOVE: Sunset over Bangkok.

A quick skip through the Lonely Planet guide gave me a few places to go see. Among the obvious temples and royal buildings there was a graffiti park which I wanted to see — although I expected it to be much bigger — and other travellers online had recommended taking the main boat taxi to see the city by river. This proved to be an awesome investment as for only 70THB you can get on the boat at one of the terminus and stay on as long as you want along the journey!

ABOVE: Wat Arun on the river. A great place to catch a sunset, seen below.

I found my way to the southern most pickup point so I could ride what turned out to be a long way north until I got bored. Unfortunately I got bored at the wrong time and got off next to a main highway bridge and the riverside houses which are on stilts. To cut to the chase I’d decided to walk back south through the maze of homesteads but after being told more than once I was walking into peoples homes I decided to catch the return boat instead.

I like Bangkok! It has a mix of new technology and old side streets with people just about existing — but it never felt negative to me! No matter what their status they were just getting on with life in what seemed to me, a matter–of–fact way and that’s OK!

ABOVE: The colour and detail of Thailand is phenomenal no matter where you go.

ABOVE: 1. Enormous Buddha, 2. Superb detail in all the Buddhist buildings. 3. Huge statues guard temple entrances.

ABOVE: The enormous reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. At 45m long, it just fits within it’s home.

The temples and royal buildings are the most colourful I’ve ever seen and it had me wondering how boring England’s places of worship are in comparison! Instead of a deathly pained Jesus, there was an immensely peaceful and beautiful Buddha. Of course this is only my opinion…


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