Big Bang in Bangkok 🤢

Namaste and Happy New Year to you all and may 2020 bring much goodness to your worlds. 🙏🏼

I spent mine in Bangkok after a self–inflicted illness upon arrival from Kathmandu just before Christmas — yes, I just said ‘since before Christmas’ and I’ll get to that in a minute…

After a full day travelling by taxi, plane (why isn’t UK air travel that easy!), bus, sky–train then finally the Thai super tuk-tuk — which by–the–way had me holding on for dear life but at the same time admiring the guys alloys and speaker system! — I arrived at my prebooked hostel by the name of Oh Compound ( in the Bang Rak district, 17Km from the airport.

So I arrive at Oh and check in with the lovely lady at reception. On walking in, I couldn’t help but notice the courtyard is superb with clientele hanging out chatting, playing guitar or just lounging in the awesome chairs around the place — obviously whoever owns this joint knows their stuff and have created a beautiful place to temporarily call home! Once I get the formalities out of the way, I notice there’s a fun group chatting and laughing in the social area which grabbed me immediately as that’s what I’ve missed since the guys in India! Within minutes my pack is in my room and I’m invited to join the shenanigans and so my story (or should that be pain?) begins…

I’m blown away by the loveliness of these people, a mix of clients and off-duty staff and before I know it beers are flowing and we all start a drinking game of Slaps! Without going too much into the details, I had a whale of a time as I’d never been so welcomed into a hostel in such a fun way before! All I can remember toward the end of the evening — whenever that was — was that there were only 3 out of about 12 left and me staggering to my dorm bed to wake the following morning so sick that I just wanted life to end! I was that bad I even had trouble keeping water down, which was not good because in Bangkok it’s 30°C … all day … all night. Oh dear, what had I done!

To cut the story short, I’d burnt my throat and oesophagus from vomiting so much the following day and I also had terrible intestinal cramps. All of this took about a week for my bloated guts to deflate then settle and my natural energy to return.

That ‘next day’ was downright awful but it was also very scary too! This was the first time I was sick and alone in a hot country I didn’t know much more than what my Lonely Planet guide told me. Not only that, I wasn’t keeping anything down, including water which worried me as I was still losing fluids due to sweating. I’d forgotten to pack any dehydration salts when I first left all those months ago and still hadn’t bought any which only added further concern! So I got myself into a bit of a panic which took a great deal of focus and mindfulness to stop winding myself into a coil of doom.

The good news is I didn’t die alone like some of my dark thoughts were trying to convince me and I got myself back on track. I’ve been out n about for the past few days gaining my bearings and finding the sights. I’ve also managed to book my next flight to Phuket so I can see the surrounding islands and indulge in some beach life for the first time in this trip!

So on that note I’ll leave the details to the next blog entry.

For those of you following, you will notice a rather large hole in my timeline. This is of when I headed off trekking in the Himalayan Annapurna range for 9 days! I’ll add this when I can…


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