A brief word from my sponsor (me).

Before I start, I’m sorry for those of you following me as to my lateness on posting! I’ve been up to a lot since my Pokhara posts and I’ve purposefully been kicking back and just enjoying where I am am what I’m doing. I’ve also been busy too, trekking, prepping for such, trying to get visas (but not), changing travel plans (due to visa malarkey and greedy governments), booking accommodation, flights, buses, the list goes on. So I hope you can understand and I’ll try to catch up and get you people up–to–date on my meagre existence … meandering, wandering, fulfilling my dream — you know, the usual! 😉

As with all the countries I’ve visited so far, I got off the bus in Nepal without any plan whatsoever and so far it’s worked out great! To some of you extreme schedulers and Post–It! users (don’t deny it! 😀), this may seem a little bonkers, crazy or downright inefficient but behind my bonkers inefficiency — even though it isn’t — there’s a reason for my genius. And it’s to free myself completely from all the rules and requirements imposed upon us at home or in the workplace, where — whether you’re aware or not — EVERYTHING is scheduled. Think about that for a moment! I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m doing what I’m doing without all that extra … doing.

So as I move around, I’m looking into my next move on the fly which allows me many pleasant surprises. I hold no expectations of my next venture so if something doesn’t ‘turn out right’ I’m not particularly bothered — no disappointment. If I miss something, I’m unaware thus no disappointment, and I’m not tied to be somewhere other than my visa allowance which equals less stress. Living this way allows for life to take on a natural organic shape devoid of any industrial noise and demand — apart from traffic and airports which I have not control over.

My life is therefore less stressful with less disappointment and Post–It! free — I should know; ask anyone who’s worked with me about my stationery prowess or my ability to translate a process into an Excel spreadsheet with optional drop–downs … OK OK, I’ll stop now. In fact, I’ll digress slightly for your entertainment, whilst working at Flight Centre New Zealand, I once returned to my Mac after lunch to find my entire desk, chair, phone, computer completely covered, much to the laughter of all including myself. It was obviously noticed how many notes I keep…

Without boring myself any further, I’ll now sit and write the next bunch of updates for you and get both me and my story out of the past. Keep watch for the next instalment — does that apply in retrospect? Oh I’ll shut up now…


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