Pokhara: Part 2 — Peace man, Buddha style.

One particular day I headed to see the World Peace Pagoda up on one of the ridges surrounding the lake, below is a panoramic of what I saw along the way…

And below is the Peace Pagoda as seen from the lake (toward the right):

The walk was a long one, approximately 5 miles through residential areas and along a dusty highway which made me think about the old end scene for the 70’s TV series The Incredible Hulk where Dr David Banner would walk off with his jacket thrown over his shoulder! Along the way I popped into see Devi’s Falls, a superb waterway that’s cut into the rock and drops suddenly into an abyss. Unfortunately whoever got the contract to install the barrier rails must have been sponsored by Tata as the railings were way to tall, immensely thick and over-the-top, ruining the view.

Once I’d moved on from there I eventually made it to the hill climb of mostly steps to the Pagoda, a nice climb with some beautiful nature and views of more of Pokhara that is not seen:

ABOVE: Bottom left is Devi’s Falls as seen through the awful imposing safety fence that can stop a tank. The others are of the views from the trail.

Below are shots from the Pagoda site; a beautifully peaceful place although I was disgusted by tourists who blatantly ignored the many large signs asking for respect and silence!

After my visit, I made my way down and took some time out on the lake the next day:

Ignore the clouds in the sky above as I’m wearing my hat to protect myself from the heat of the sun!

Below are ‘things and stuff’ I saw:

ABOVE: 1. There’s a hotel near here! 2. Plastic and waste are just discarded without thought in Nepal, that’s a small waterfall from above! 😔 3. The local dragster farmer(?). 4. An unnerving gate to a hotel … building?! 😄

End of part 2.

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