Pokhara: Part 1 — the cool pool for big kids.

Ok ok… When I first decided to write a travel blog back in April of this year I thought it a great idea — and it is — it’s allowed all of you wonderful people to share in my journey and given me a retrospective to smile at. The only problem is when travel life gets busy, lots of stuff happens, I meet people and hang out for days or I slow down to immerse myself in the place I reside, the writing takes second place — which it should, otherwise my experience is affected!

I must therefore apologise for the rather long delay since my last blog entry but a hell-uv-alot has gone on, seriously! I’ve had the time of my life in the past few weeks, or month(?), to be honest I can’t remember and don’t care bar the days trickling away on my visa and we don’t want that to go awry do we now! 😳

So I finally sat my backside down with a coffee, took a deep breath and thumbed through the millions of photo’s I’ve taken and made the decision to keep you pesky people in the picture — no pun intended. And as there’s lots to report I thought I’d break this into 4 parts or more so it doesn’t become a tome or boring yarn — Oi! I said ‘not become boring’! 😠

Part 1.

The bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara was — how can I put this politely — f’in bumpy as hell! The last hour I wanted off, out, away, with solid ground, air and space — no sore back or neck due to gravitational forces on my spine. It was AWFUL, but I made it to Pokhara alive and that’s what counts. 👍🏼

ABOVE: 1. Glorious views of superb whitewater from the coach. 2. A quick check of the rear breaks at a rest stop — weirdly I wasn’t worried. 3. THAT BUMPY! 3. Machhapuchhare peak from the Annapurna range, the first thing I saw at the bus drop. 4. Trouble up front, the roads were quite precarious in places. 5. More glorious views along the way.

Pokhara is jammed with coffee shops, lakeside bars and North Fake trekking shops but Wow! what a lake! Ladies and gents, Phewa lake:

ABOVE: 1. This tree has consumed its stone foundation but oddly feels very alive and almost spiritual — one of many. 2. A still beauty. 3. Calm at the Krazy Gecko bar. 4. Not sure I should hire this one!

I found myself just ‘hanging out’ at Pokhara, with no intent in moving on — something others agreed was strange about the place. This isn’t surprising as the list of things to do, trekking, boating, paragliding, hot air ballooning, biking, etc. was on offer. Most used the town as a base to head off trekking which I did but that’s for later…

Sunset over Phewa lake.

On a clear day, the Annapurna range is in full view and stunning. In reality it actually does look as though it’s a painted background — sublime!

When the clouds were forgiving, Pokhara was well rewarded:

End of part 1. 😉


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