Man stuff.

I don’t know about you but as a man I have certain lines that I feel are never to be crossed! Please don’t get me wrong for what I’m about to say as I assure you I’m an open minded guy and this entry is only for laughs.

Legal disclaimer: what you are about to read is intended for the sole purpose of entertainment and no animals were harmed.

So… I was reading through my journal entries and I realised I’d missed a small point which made me laugh. Anyway, the journal entry is from when I was in Bikaner and I experienced my first 3 person ride on a moped. Yes, yes I know I shouldn’t have but it enabled me to see the place and all I had in my head was ‘… try explaining this on you travel insurance…’, with visions of the three of us spread across the highway.

OK. OK I’ll get to the point.

There is Manoj in control, his cousin on the rear and me in the middle. We’re riding along the road — it’s surprisingly stable — and because such close proximity to others of the same sex isn’t in my usual calendar, the old ‘man-warrior’ voice starts it’s monologue in my head! You know, pathetically testosterone driven thoughts or worries such as ‘…make sure you’re holding onto Manoj in the right place…’ or fear such as ‘…the guy behind better not get a boner!…’. That sort of stupid crap which unfortunately my male brain went off into a spin with.

So there we are riding along, Manoj accelerating a little too much for my comfort, me trying to ignore the ‘man-warrior’ voice and then the cousin who seems to think that a slow scratch of the bollocks is perfectly in order! And it is and should be, except he takes his time — too long — triggering my warrior brain to go into overdrive and a mental battle ensues between reason and the twat-farm realms of my cerebral cortex.

Thankfully reason won, I embraced the cultural differences and I eventually manage to wrestle the ‘warrior’ into submission and carry on with my day the way a normal ‘man’ should…

So there you go folks! A little excerpt from the cranium. Hopefully you’ll see the funny side like me and not take any of the above seriously!

Oh! And before I forget: no animals were harmed during any of it.


2 thoughts on “Man stuff.

  1. Haha, thought you were going to say your shorts were a little tight and the road was kinda bumpy… Shit, I got a ménage à trois moped woody.


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