Om, a man worth meeting. And a morning chai with the lads.

This tale is a few days late as I’ve been busy arranging bus journeys and sending some stuff home.


Toward the end of my stay in Jaipur I met Om Prakash Gurjar in the social area of the hostel. The reason I want to add this to my blog is because I had such a special conversation with the man, and shared values and beliefs that had a profound effect.

Om was a previously a child slave at the age of 5 and after being rescued 3 years later he went on to educate and free society from the same happening again. He’s a wonderful guy with a lovely soul. More on Om:

Thank you for your time Om! It was great to share thoughts and learn from you.

Chai with the lads.

Other folk worth a mention are the guys I sat and had chai with on the side street before I caught my bus to Jodhpur. There was the owner and his friend and we sat watching the world go by with the odd question from one another about where each of us are from — a lovely experience that set me in good stead for the long travel ahead. It’s a pity I’m crap with Hindi.


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