Life & Laughs in León

By luck I’d booked a decent hostel that made the dining area a social event. This is where I met Emma from New Zealand, Ben from Kentucky, USA and Rotem from Israel. All 3 were walking the Camino Pilgramage to Santiago.

Left: Emma, Ben & Rotem. Right: Pit & Ribs

We all got on great and had a brilliant few nights where I got to not only converse with humans but also tell the tales of the places I’ve stayed and making the guys laugh! Unfortunately and as always, Emma and Ben were off to walk their next section and I actually felt sad that they were going! Rotem has tendenitis so she was around for a few more days and we got to hang out and share some good quality time.

León has a lot to offer, with some superlative historical places to visit.

Now I’m always looking for that something unusual to brighten my day and while trying to find a place to eat via Google, I discovered The Pit & Ribs Restaurant (see first photo) which was a 15 minute walk away from the hostel. The reason I picked it—apart from the food choice—was how the chef had so adeptly dealt with a customer slur online and I thought: I gotta meet this guy! And I’m so glad I did as he and his wife were real cool people not only having me stuffed full of food and damn good coffee but the chef himself had started one of the chain restaurants in my home town Leamington Spa! How weird!!! 😃

It was also here I met Tom a retired vet who worked for the Spanish Academic Society translating scientific papers—a man highly regarded in the industry but also very funny and welcoming. Lovely fella! I wish I had more time for him but alas.

During my few days in this cool city, I got to relax and rest my legs which were sore from the previous days riding. I got to meet some fabulous people whom I’ll miss and also witness fine historical artefacts that took my breathe.

Sitting chilling with all the old guys. This is prevalent across Spain and Portugal; something I admire.

León; a city I’ll not forget for sure.


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