Change of plan.

Due to the hideous headwind I decided to drop riding north to the coast, especially as I’ll also have to face such while climbing mountains! So I’m now heading direct to Bilbao from León.

My ride out of town was lovely, with lots of ‘hello’s’ and waves to/from the hundreds of Camino walkers. After some good riding my first port of call would be an albergue in Guardo, 51 miles in total.

Above: 1. Riding along the Camino trail. 2/3/5/7. Roads and mountains. 4. The water stops have proved invaluable throughout my journey although I do filter the water! 6. An extremely peaceful and silent viaduct with a beautiful view. 8. This guy wouldn’t leave me alone!

I’d learned of the albergue, a place for the pilgrims to stay while they continue their varying routes to Santiago. Most are municipal buildings or church owned and offer one nights stay at a reduced amount. I stayed in a private albergue where the owner simply assumed by my attire and bike that I was doing such—a stroke of luck as I was too tired to find a place to camp and setup etc.

Above: 1. Making the mundane awesome! 2. Breakfast in Guardo before I head off.

From there I headed North East. This I must say was the most enjoyable and beautiful ride of the entire journey so far! I was not only on open road but also most of it was descending and let’s not forget the sublime mountain views as I closed in.

Once again the awful North to South wind caught me in the last 10 miles of a 59 mile ride to Reinosa. Once I’d turned past a certain range and had to head virtually north it was as if God had switched the fans on! It was hard work but this time I knew I only had 10 miles and my ear plugs went in.

Above: A bus stop rest and break from the sun en route from Guardo. Also the view.


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