42 long miles to León.

This part of my journey was one of my worst! I left Benavente and hit the long straight road north, only to face 11mph headwinds making the ride an enormous effort when in fact it should have been a joy! After hours, of pedalling and slowing immediately I was wearing out and consuming my food much quicker than normal.

When I met Tom (in an earlier blog) he was surprised to hear that I was travelling south to north and warned me of the reason why cyclists go the opposite direction to me — there is almost a constant Southern wind in northern Spain and I was now finding out.

The ride was not a nice experience at all—in fact, with 15 miles to go before I reached my destination I broke. I wanted to give up, get to León and catch the train to Bilbao — a very seriously broken me! The wind was that strong at times I had to put my ear plugs in because the noise in my ears was that loud, constant and just relentless. Mix that with trying again and again to maintain momentum with ever growing fatigue, I think you get the scene!

I decided to take a break at a roadside cafe, rest, calm myself and push on little by little and remove my own expectations slowly making my way there, it was hard but I did it with the wind still blowing even though I’d reached town. Thank you universe!!!

Above: 1. One long hot road and that wind!!! 2. Lovely side view. 3. I think this is a termite mound, it’s approx. 12 feet tall. 4. The cafe where I reassembled my soul. Although it did rock and twist in the wind — Ouch! 5. A lot of the road had water troughs running almost the entire length. 5. Only 3 miles to León and my humour has returned.

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