What are you doing here???

After leaving Salamanca I had a long ride north to Zamora (41 miles) then Benavente (another 41 miles) before I head to the coast.

The ride to Zamora presented me with a mild head wind, a bit testing but nothing too stressful and I made it through on a mix of decent farm tracks and fabulous minor road.

Just before I hit town I stayed over in a flood underpass as the road I was on ran parallel with a motorway. I could stand, the place was clean from dust due to wind blowing through and I wouldn’t have to set up the tent.

When I arrived all was quiet and no-one around for miles so I settled in—after all who would come through this place?:

Above left: the view from the road, a safe bet as it’s concealed. Right: the view from within, a good clean place to stay, out of view.

Once I’d settled in and was eating dinner, a farmer arrived at the other end of the tunnel and started up what sounded like a large generator. This proved not to be a problem as he didn’t notice me and was gone, with the ‘generator’ disabled after 15 minutes. So I broke out the book, hit bed and went to sleep—it was quiet and I was looking forward to some good rest!

At 10:30 I woke to the sound of a car stopping in the road next to me. Now, I’m in the middle of nowhere, it’s dark so why on earth would anyone need to stop? I thought that maybe the person needed the toilet as I heard them walking quickly down the side of the road then realised toward the entrance of the drainage tunnel I was in!

I’m half awake and watching the entrance when a man appears then stops abruptly obviously not expecting to see a sleeping bag slug and a bike! He exclaims a lot of fast Spanish to which I have no clue and I say sorry in Spanish just in case this is his kind etc. Anyway, he walks past me talking a million words and heads to the other side of the tunnel … and turns in the generator, loud generator! Anyway, after much talking at me, I get him to speak into Google Translate and we settle the situation. I tell him I’m simply en route elsewhere and resting, he tells me he has no problem with me being there but he’s more concerned his machine will keep me awake! A laugh and a shake of hands he leaves and my ear plugs go in.

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