Always trust your gut…

A funny take for you; with 15 miles remaining to Salamanca, I stop under a motorway overpass. It’s hot and I need to cool down and also rest for 10 minutes. I lean the bike against the barrier and pace up and down stretching my legs and airing myself as I can feel the start of saddle sores. Twice I though about hopping the barrier into a bush to realign my clothing ‘where it counts’ but both times I go to do this, something doesn’t feel right!

The second time I thought ‘f*ck it’ and headed toward the spot then … out–of–the–blue two Civil Guardia motorcycle cops appear from nowhere, head straight to me and ask what I’m doing! Without any fuss I tell them I’m heading to Salamanca, they offer directions and Km count then leave me alone.

The point of this story is: if they’d arrived 10 seconds later, they’d have found me in a bush, my pants down and me re-jiggling myself—all completely innocent! BUT try explaining that to a police officer in very limited Spanish—let alone what it would’ve looked like to them!

Lesson learnt and I’m still a free man. 😄

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