The good people of Viseu.

I made it to Viseu exhausted and feeling the drain of the previous days. I booked into a pretty cool little hostel by the name of AllGo, a family owned small hostel of high standard. I couldn’t wait to shower and change my clothes and once done I settled to bed early.

Unfortunately I’d eaten some food which made me ill, so I was forced to stay for 3 nights instead of 2. Luckily Viseu had a lot to offer:

A hidden gem easily missed—I almost walked right past it myself:

As much as I wasn’t in best shape, good things happened! Firstly, I met Mirko who was hitching his way from Holland to Morocco. As my room was in the second floor, I was watching the world go by whilst sat on the window sill when I noticed a guy with a backpack following my his phone but becoming confused when he came close to the hostel—a quick shout down and guiding him to the door, we then ended up meeting as he was in the next dorm and was doing the same thing! Below is a picture of us holding our window-to-window conversation about our travels—and some local art too:

Then, today I headed out to do my laundry and by chance I spotted a pro bike shop across the road and as I wasn’t entirely happy with Bernard’s crank creaking and they sold SRAM, I asked if they could have a proper look, heading off and leaving the bike in their capable hands.

That’s me with Andreia the store manager after they replaced parts, fixing my crank and cleaned my drive train without asking for anything in return! Thank you so much to husband and wife Andreia, Luis and mechanic Daniel for your wonderful help and ensuring my safe travel! Service well beyond what I expected… simply superb! I cannot recommend these guys any more! Meet this wonderful team at:

Happy as pants and my faith in humanity running at over 100%, I thought I’d treat myself to a trim and sharpen up a little, so I found a Barber en route back to the hostel and made the most of Google Translate—hell, if it went wrong, there’s always the clippers! 😀

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