Panicky planning attack!

So the big chunk of the journey (originally from Aveiro to Zamora) starts but I’ve been recommended Salamanca instead. Most of my preset journey virtually takes me in that direction so with 100’s of Km ahead I’m to follow that route for at least two days.

There are lots of these view points half way up long winding roads around here.

Day 1: 15 miles of decent route then it goes extremely vertical up and down—all ok’ish so far. During the ride I notice that my bottom bracket is increasing in squeaks so I take a 2 mile off route ride to a bike shop.

More out of town the route goes off road… very off road (below mid–right)! I bear with it for a while but I estimate I spent approx. 5 miles pushing the bike up nearly un-walkable rain water gouged mud tracks…

Uphill-pushing and heat—not good and far too time consuming.

Once again I’d gone in too far and I was exhausted from the exertion! I therefore decided to camp at the top of the rather large hill where I noticed just how high I’d climbed (see above, middle–bottom). ‘Twas to be a night under the stars as it’s 17°C overnight and no precipitation whatsoever.

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