The long road(s) to Aveiro.

Fully recovered from my mud dunking, my shoes 100% dry and my ego out from under the bed it was time to finally leave Coimbra and head north for Aveiro.

A quick check of everything, loose bolts and a clean serviced chain, left just me to make the journey in one sitting, 42 miles / 67Km with my knees wanting rest at approx. 32 miles. Thank god the route was pretty much flat once I’d moved away from Coimbra as it was 21°C and the sun blaring. Most of the journey was looooong roads that gave me a joyous preview…

2 thoughts on “The long road(s) to Aveiro.

  1. Hope your having a great time! The kids and I love reading your stories! Stay safe we hope to see you soon!


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