Aaaaaaaand Coimbra!

The weather forecast is awful until Friday so it looks like Coimbra until then. So much to see, so much walking up and down and up and down and, without further a do…

The university here has a sublime library and chapel, the former I wasn’t supposed to photo thus the weird angles:


Then I met Tom by pure chance! A straight-talking and entertaining Irish gent whom we both shared a good laugh and a lot of similarities! The weirdest thing was, Tom was cycling south and me north—almost similar routes too. Glad I met this fella, I wish him well on his journey. Thanks Tom!

Top: Tom and I part ways after food wine and a damn good laugh. Bottom left: sat in the old Physics auditorium at the university. Bottom right: absorbing the awesome Roman Cryptoporticus of the ancient forum of Aeminium, under the Machado de Castro Museum.

I have an hour of Fado booked this afternoon so that should help pass the time until packing for the road tomorrow. Hopefully I can catch the bus to see the Roman ruins at Conímbriga first thing before I head off.

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