So I ride into Tomar down an enormous twisting road straight into town. I grab a coffee at the nearest cafe and while doing so I’m greeted within 10 mins by a drunk African Portuguese with a passion for the Tour De France! Seems he saw me riding in from his flat and decided to join me and have (another beer)! He was actually a nice guy but bloody-hell it was hard work trying to understand his English along with a slur—we had a good laugh for about half an hour.

I found a fabulous hostel and as I could already see the Templar castle towering over town, I booked for two nights—this place has a lot to offer.

I spent most of the day settiling in and finding my bearings, the next morning was a day at the castle which I cannot recommend any more—see below:

The Knights Templar really did make one hell of a statement with their HQ, the place has so much to see.

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