51 miles to Coimbra

After being fed by this lovely lady:

I set off for Coimbra, the day cool, and the ride quite pleasant allowing me to reach 40 miles before I have to stop! Ohhhh yeaahhh!

Riding now following my GPS unit is so much better with my route beeping at me for turns and track changes etc.

Except… One ‘track’ wasn’t a track at all and its entrance a folly. My gut said ‘no’ and I should have listened BUT stupid me thought ‘aaaah f’ck it!’. 5 mins in, a rather steep rough track turns to bush of which I push down through—fool. I’m now stuck halfway down in the middle of a eucalyptus forest and I eventually made it down, although just about.

Above: Top left, a long road done. Top right, an abandoned beauty of a home—typical of Portugal!. Bottom left, clearly not a road is it!. Bottom right, my route out of the eucalyptus forest can be seen behind me, dodgy balancing and careful snap choices for me out.

After one night camping I made it to Coimbra in the rain. The weather has took a turn and it’s not looking good for a few days. Luckily there’s a lot to see here in Portugal’s original capital.

3 thoughts on “51 miles to Coimbra

  1. Those pesky lines on a map that bear no relevance to reality.. been there before mate so I feel your pain…

    I blame the map makers… 😉


    1. Ha! The sad thing was, the start of the track was ok then quickly degraded. I could see the remnants. It’s partly my fault for being stubborn—lesson learnt.


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