Bernard’s derailleur failure

So I headed for Tomar today knowing I had a bit of a longer trip ahead. With all the extraneous stuff heading home via a post office (4miles away) the bike felt much better with less weight and I was in a good mood—superb mood in fact!

So all is going well, I’m not even averse to the big hills and the sun is out at full strength. My route takes me through Santa Catarina where there’s a rather typical church on the square and I hear a singing voice coming from a communal area (middle pic). Upon investigation I discover a grand mother singing to her grandson—a wonderful experience of which I quietly step away.

So what a great journey so far…………

Then upon the crest of one hill, just before a mahoosive climb Bernard decided to lose all sense of gear indexing. I tried to juggle my way up but after too many heavy ‘ping’ sounds I decide to walk the hill and not snap anything.

Thankfully, after 40 mins of riding up and down a road—entertaining a local kid with his dad—I have everything in place and ride of smiling and giving the thumbs up to the family.

Half of today’s roads were like in the picture, a bit like Def Leppard—soft rock. Tonight I camp under the stars ready for an early start for the realm of the Knights Templar!

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