Windy Miller’s Toy Town Fury.

Today I had the pleasure once again of riding an unloaded bike to go see Obidos Castle. The sun was out but not in full force so it made for a good ride, although slightly windy.

I must say this ain’t just a castle as within its walls is a small town which is fabulous! A very worthy visit for sure.

The return journey was errrmmm… how can I put this? … windy as hell, with me being blown all over the place. Let’s just say that Mr Temper came out to play and the local wildlife learnt a lot of Cov slang! Man it was hard, one minute trying to ride into a head–on wind, the next I’m almost blown across the road! I won’t mention the side route I took to try and find GF food at the poisoned clowns arches of filth, that’s for another day.

Here are some things I saw en route to Obidos:

I also passed a fellow cycle tourist, giving the wave of recognition—as if I know what I’m doing! It seemed strange seeing someone else with a very loaded bike especially as I was hammering up-hill with just me and a light backpack.

I thought I’d post the selfie calming down from my windy fury and the false news that the yellow arches of shame provide GF buns—’where’s that f’in clown!’:

I did make myself laugh at how insane it is becoming angry at the wind! I’m guessing there’ll be more of that to come… 😄

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