The road to Obidos

Started off yesterday packing up and clearing out of the shed. It was good to get off in good time and this time, with less worry about where I’ll stay as thanks to NOS 4G I could book a cheap stay.

The ride was much better yesterday without all of the coastal ups and downs. It was a nice ride through back roads and also farm trails—sand is interesting with a loaded bike, it made me laugh a few times! And yes, I had a short conversation with Bernard for the first time; he doesn’t speak much.

I had to stop heading through a small town as I’d forgotten where the hell I was and what I was doing. Unfortunately the 4G gods weren’t playing ball but luckily a local noticed me staring profusely at my phone and cane over to assist with directions. Turns out he had also cycled my route and gave me the wonderful news that from there on, the ride was nothing like the hills I’d previously slaved over. Nice bloke, much like a lot of Portuguese.

Above are images from the road, seeing my first big sign for Obidos, then the castle. Met a lovely horse that rode with me until the end of its tether so I stopped and it was grateful for the attention—bet you bunch didn’t know I know quite a bit about reading horses! And let’s keep it clean eh, there’s kids about — oh no, that’s goats isn’t it!

So I rode past Obidos castle to my stay in Caldas da Rainha where I write this from possibly the worst hotel room on earth! 😄 Today was a stress free day to wash some clothes and rid myself of approx. 4Kg of stuff I haven’t used.

Had a lovely ride out to Foz do Arelho where I got to watch kite surfers and sample more cafe grande por favor. Also taking the bike 6 miles with no baggage was just sublime!

Seems there was also a bicycle museum a short walk from room 101 (that’s actually my room number!), so I paid that a visit and sought inspiration in how to pack my bike for the next leg…

4 thoughts on “The road to Obidos

    1. Ha! From a previous holiday, there was a horse in the field next to us so as these beasts can be quite dangerous if not respected, I did some research and it’s stayed in memory.


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