Note to self; DON’T take the coastal route.

Sun, sea and beautiful beaches with air that’d refresh any unwashed socks; that’s how I saw a coastal route…

Except I didn’t consider that coastal routes usually involve a hell-uv-alot of undulating land. Cue me being baked whilst trying to push me and all my crap—yes crap is what I call it on hills—up fiercely steep and long roads, whilst being baked, did I say I was being baked by the sun!

Anyway, I did it and I kept pushing as far as I could — 18 miles. I was hoping to get to Obidos but I had to stop. The entire day was spent stop-starting as I didn’t have a clue which way the route is and again Mr Google saves! Due to not starting from my original plan, I was unable to use my preset GPS route, all good though.

It’s quite un–nerving pushing on unsure as to where I can stop for the day, so I spent the last hour spying places to stop as I rode through. Eventually I found my home for the evening, a farmers hut situated off track and in the middle of a field:

7 thoughts on “Note to self; DON’T take the coastal route.

      1. Are we still talking about camping or have we moved on to taking a covert dump? Either way, I’m guessing you don’t wanna get caught by the local farmer…


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