Them there wheels are a rollin’

Left Sintra today, heading for Obidos. I decided to change the route and head straight to the coast and follow up from there otherwise I’d miss some beaches.

The views were stunning and the sea air very welcome. Ignore the times on the route as I use the walking setting in Google Maps. This helps to keep me to side roads.You can see my original route off to the right of the map.

After approx. 16 miles of some good climbs, (although some good decents too!), the sun had taken it’s toll and I was wearing out. So I started to look around for a place to setup camp. After a few miles of exploration and by luck I found a spot away from the road and local homes.

The first camp site and dinner:

Tomorrow is an early start back on the road.

3 thoughts on “Them there wheels are a rollin’

    1. No condensation mate, not enough moisture in the first place! ☀️
      I didn’t use my GPS only GMaps for this part due to the change in set off point. It’s quite cool but annoying at times as I have to take my gloves off to check if I’ve taken the correct route—had to wear gloves today as otherwise badly burn my hands!!! The sun here is phenomenal.


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