Every which way but losing my rag.

Up, down, right, right, up, left, up, right, no turn back then down again…

That pretty much sums up my attempt at escaping Lisbon! Also trying to navigate on the fly with traffic on the right-side of the road, very tight blind corners then sudden drops, enough to make me wonder if I should have brought a spare set of brake disks! Then of course it rained making those fabulous cobble stones oh-so grippy!

So after an hour (and maybe a half) of trying to find my way NW and not riding onto what looked like a motorway, I broke out Mr Google and his magical ‘take me to the rail station’. This decision kept me in good health both physically and most definitely mentally.

And now here I am in Sintra. A lovely place with a Moorish Castle and some serious hills.

Up, down, right, then left then up, up again … etc.

Mid right: the train that saved me. Bottom right: a local band (I think) who were entertaining on the town square, I think related to Portugal’s independence as their were carnations everywhere.

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