Pastel de Nata sem glúten

So Lisbon has a small custard tart for which it’s associated and to my luck there’s a fabulous—yes Jase I said fabulous—gluten free cafe that serves not only those but some mighty fine cakes that I can heartily consume.

I also sampled both versions of the Ginjinha, a super sweet cherry liqueur, which is fortified wine that has been infused with Ginja cherries and combined with vast amounts of sugar. It traditionally comes in a large shot glass and you chew the cherries at the end which are very sour. This allegedly cleanses the pallet but one thing I do know is that it is strong in alcohol! I also tried a newer variant which comes in a dark chocolate shot glass—delectable and extremely moorish. A fun way to become a diabetic…

2 thoughts on “Pastel de Nata sem glúten

    1. I would but they’d take some serious packing to ensure they’d survive the trip! You can enjoy them vicariously through my own experience; mmm–mm–mmmmm guuuuuurd!


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