Lisbon or die!

Wow! What a superb city this is!

After a steep learning curve of riding a loaded bike and becoming extremely self-conscious when getting on-off in busy traffic, I made it to the hostel—sorry Neal! Oops.

Met some cool people, went on a superb walking tour care of Oasis Backpackers´ Hostel where I’m staying and learnt/saw loads. Also tracked down a camping shop and picked up gas for my stove and learnt the bus ticket system here—thanks Google Translate App, you’re a lifesaver. Anyway, too many pics so here’s a taste…

2 thoughts on “Lisbon or die!

    1. That all starts from tomorrow my good man. I’ll be heading to Sintra which I’m told is one seriously hilly but beautiful place—good to know my choices are good. 😉


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